Solar Energy Solutions

Solar thermal systems utilises the energy from the sun to provide hot water for domestic, industrial & commercial application, and has established itself to be one of the most efficient, sustainable & cost effective renewable installations available.

The system can provide up to 70% of the annual hot water demands for domestic applications, allowing the end user to completely shut down their primary heating source during the summer period, thus reducing their running costs and carbon emission released into the earth’s atmosphere.

Large scale solar arrays can be used to provide a pre-heat solution for industrial and comical heating applications, however, due to the seasonal dependency of the solar resource in this geographical location, additional heat is required by a conventional heating source or an immersion. It is for this reason that the solar system is designed to meet the hot water requirements for domestic applications only.

Solar Energy Facts

  • Continuous, reliable & affordable
  • Does not produce air pollutants
  • No carbon-dioxide emissions
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Light converts to electricity
  • Thermal energy heats water
  • Solar is environmentally friendly
  • It is becoming ever more popular
  • 25% of our total fuel heats water
  • World’s demand outstrips supply
  • 50% renewables in use by 2040