Underfloor Heating Solutions

Under Floor Heating is what People Think It Isn’t….
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Quality is the hallmark of Heating & Energy Solutions we use LK floor heating as our underfloor heating system. LK systems only use the company’s own unique pipes, manufactured to the highest quality in their own factory. LK Floor Heating can be connected to any heat source suitable for warm water heating, including an electric boiler, wood burner, heat pump, solar panels or conventional condensing boiler.

LK underfloor heating is a complete system that has been developed, tested and tailored to Scandinavian conditions, comfortably exceeding UK needs.

In addition to the quality, LK Floor Heating is also flexible and is easily installed in new build
or renovations, including on solid floors and suspended floors.
The flexibility of the system is one of the major advantages. We have installed LK Floor Heating in a number of commercial projects, including schools and large houses where it works perfectly in these applications. We also have the added benefit that the control systems are second-to-none.

Heating & Energy Solutions have their own team of installers who have been trained and can install the system for you. We can look after every aspect of the project, ranging from a preliminary design and quotation through to a full design and installation.